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Long Tail Pro VS Market Samurai - Which One Should You Use For Keyword Research

long tail pro vs market samurai

Many individuals have asked me why I think they ought to get Long Tail Pro, especially if they already own and use Market Samurai for keyword research. I’ve even been asked specifically, by multiple people, to write down a Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai post.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time, but have been procrastinating. The reason for this is partly because I don’t feel 100% qualified to write anything positive or negative about Market Samurai. I’ve only used their free 10-day trial, and that was nearly a year ago when I did that.

However, I do have access to all kinds of information and sources on the topic that I can share and refer you to. I do own and use Long Tail Pro and am a big fan of the product, especially since the release of the Platinum version. I explain to you this up front so you fully understand that this post might come off as a slightly biased. I am personally okay with that though, as I feel it should be biased when my findings clearly show that one tool is better than the other for how and what I use it for.

Using Keyword Research for Everyday Tasks like Writing Blog Posts

I’ve written several articles somewhat recently on the importance of using keyword research for blogging. The most popular and most comprehensive of these articles was probably this one.

I made a big push in last year to try to spread the word to other bloggers and teach them how they could be using some simple keyword research and SEO tactics to drive more visitors on their blogs. It was actually within the comments section of some of these posts, as well as in e-mail, where people were asking me about Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai.

Market Samurai has existed for a long time when compared with Long Tail Pro. Not nearly as many people had even heard something about Long Tail Pro yet, but most people had heard of or even used Market Samurai. I am a huge fan, owner, user and affiliate of Long Tail Pro.

For obvious reasons, I was urging people to check out this Long Tail Pro Review and purchase it for their own benefit. Some people already owned Market Samurai though and were wondering if they could essentially do the same things I was teaching with it instead. The actual answer yes and no.

YEAH – you are able to do the same type of keyword research with Market Samurai similarly to Long Tail Pro. Market Samurai even offers more stats and data points for you to analyze. A large part of it is useless (to me) and pretty much just clutters above the screen and causes more confusion. However if you already own the tool and don’t like to get another one – you can essentially find the same data with this tool. It just takes longer (more on that below).

NOPE – Market Samurai doesn't (currently) offer a Keyword Competitiveness (KC) feature like the Platinum version of LongTail Pro does. The KC feature is what makes all the difference, mostly for beginners or people who just don’t find out how to analyze all of the data that these keyword tools spit out. Basically, the KC feature enables you to simply investigate a number and compare it to a chart to check whether your keyword will be easy or hard to rank for. Lower KC means easier to rank for.

The Speed and Efficiency of Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai

My guess is that many people who've used Market Samurai in the past just couldn't possibly justify spending all that free time to do keyword research simply for It simply takes too much time, and before you know it you could really have already had the entire post written! For anyone who is just like me, you don’t have that kind of time to waste. Here is how Long Tail Pro comes in and makes a world of difference.

Get Long Tail Pro Today! 

This is my conclusion on this debate. Especially if you already own Market Samurai – my suggestion is that you must get Long Tail Pro today. Not only that, but you should surely try the Platinum version. It does contain a monthly premium, but I absolutely consider that it more than pays for itself if used properly.

Keyword research, even just for simple blog posts, can help you bring numerous targeted traffic to your site. This keyword research can easily be accomplished so quickly and easily with Long Tail Platinum that it almost doesn't make sense to not have this software!


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