Wednesday, 29 April 2015

6 Steps To Increase Traffic And Conversions To Your Website In 2015

If your business is based online, increase traffic to your website is the first trick win you have to get to later be able to increase your sales and conversions. And with the number of companies that currently are on the internet, differentiation, specialization and investment, are three words you have to start driving from now !!

It is not easy, but nevertheless is the key. After all, every Internet marketing strategy or even social media marketing, bring ultimate quality of visitors and increase traffic to your website. The more visits, more likely to get sales.
how to generate sales leads online

Therefore, we recommend you pay special attention to the following points:

How To Increase Quality Traffic To Your Website?

The first objective will undoubtedly appear in the top positions of search engines. Only then, you'll be visible to users and get the long-awaited visits. Whether you have a blog, an information service or page or an online store, appear in the top positions of Google is the priority ... But how do we get?

Content Marketing Strategy

As you know, the only, original and quality content is what you value most at this time Google for SEO. Therefore, almost any online marketing strategy and incorporates it as the basis of any other online action.

We will not reenter writing post (for that we leave this article), but let's go to the important aspects: how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

1.Looking for a unique and original content, and give your touch of quality and value for the business niche that you're headed.

2.It includes multimedia content. Use images, computer graphics and videos as the basis for audiovisual communication. Your visitors will appreciate it and see how quickly you get increase traffic to your website.

3.Optimizes all your content positioning, according to the concrete particular niche you head and their information needs.

4.Regularly publishes and disseminates the contents properly

On Page SEO

A well optimized website to SEO or online shop will get a rapid increase in quality traffic and therefore sales conversions. By this, it becomes a priority to optimize the SEO On Page and sometimes even in the beginning, do a little SEO Audit to know how you are and how you can improve. In addition ..

1.Make sure you start working those words that best describe you but for which you will seek and find in search engines. Always think Long Tail words and uses the appropriate tools to determine what the best.

2.Analyze your competition and find what is positioning.

3.On Page SEO works holistically, here we leave a post on how to optimize your website.
Improve your CTR, low bounce rate

CTR (Click through-rate)

CTR is often the most overlooked of SEO which is a big mistake, because it is a metric that tells you the quality of your content, keywords you have defined and the "ranking" in which move your ad (if you do Adwords) or your Snippet in the Google search results page.

To view the current CTR having your keywords, Webmaster Tools is the best tool for this, because you identify each and every word, so you count with a total analytically.

Regarding the bounce, you can say that it represents another cross into the SEO. It is often complicated by what is another global metric. Then pay attention to the usability of your website, loading speed, design and realization of Landing Pages and behavior of your niche market.

It incisive work on this particular point, will help to increase traffic to your website in no time, if you hit the right "change".

Adwords Campaigns And Positioning SEM

Both Adwords as any positioning campaign based on CPC (cost per click) will not help you increase traffic to your site beyond the duration that have these site, and given that as much as we invest in Adwords (SEM) we will not have better results in the organic positioning.

However, well-crafted, marketing campaigns in search engines like Adwords allow us to significantly increase sales conversions (his main target) as well as generate corporate branding.

Design a Good Link building or Strategy For Achieving Links

The creation and realization of links pointing to your site, is one of the factors that undoubtedly will help greatly to increase traffic to your website. The Link building quality, is in fact one of the favorites of Google and SEO overall. For that:

Search naturalness when to get them. Buy or make reciprocal links will take you only enter penalties
Dofollow and Nofollow. The "manual" says that the most important are the first, but also need the seconds to the naturally so dear to Google. Look for quality over quantity.

Anchor Text Credibility

Anchor Text cares. Not always put them, sometimes not even similar. Work with structures brand / trademark phrases / sentences with Keyword / semantic words to generate even more ease and value.
Sometimes use just naked links, because it helps to get rid of the spammy zone and doesn't look like as a targeted link building method.

Getting links from relevant pages is critical, so it starts to interact with those that most interests you. Likewise, multiple links of thousands of general directories, no longer works.